Added Value

  • Universitat de València: More tan 500 years of History, one of the top Spanish universities
  • International Campus of Excelence
    • vlcJoint project with UPV.
    • habitatJointly with the 5 public Universities of region
  • Huge human potential: Volunteering program
    • Math and Science Students/Young researchers
    • ERASMUS Students/Young researchers from UVEG-UPV
    • Students/Young researchers from Language Schools ...
  • International Cooperation with developing nations chanelled through
    • University structures (Vicerectorados de Cooperación y Desarrollo)
  • Publications and Promotions with help from Servei de Publicacions
  • Foster Outreach via ‘Catedra de Divulgació de la Ciència’
  • Sports Center on the Conference Venue …