The week of March 25-29 the 214 beneficiaries to receive financial support to participate in the ICIAM 2019 as proposed by the Travel Committee will get an email indicating the funding received by the assigned area and the procedure for accepting the grant. Accommodation and transportation expenses that exceed the amount allocated will be assumed by the beneficiaries of the grants. The ones who have not been proposed to receive funding as well as the ones who do not accept the grant for having other funding will also get a notification and will have a period of 10 days to register with the early bird fee.


This program is addressed to researchers of any nationality and professional situation needing financial and travel support to attend the ICIAM2019-Valencia Congress. Grants will be awarded by the Travel Support Committee.



  • Undergraduate, graduate & Postdoc*: 150,00 €
    *A postdoc is defined as a person with a PhD degree, not currently employed or in a faculty position, but working at a University in a research capacity, under the direction of a faculty supervisor.
    To be eligible, an official certificate or document provided by the school to prove current enrolment must be submitted.
  • Senior researcher: 400€

    Travel tickets (in economy class) will be booked and paid by the organization of ICIAM2019 Congress.
Accommodation expenses in hotels and residences will be booked and paid by the organization of ICIAM 2019.
The total cost of fees, travel and accommodation MUST not exceed the maximum grant amount corresponding to the beneficiary’s geographical zone.

Please bear in mind that the financial program support doesn’t provide refunds in case the beneficiaries book the accommodation or flights by their side.


Delegates working at Institutions located in:

Maximum grant amount

Zone 1: Spain


Zone 2: Europe (except Spain), Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Georgia, European Russia


Zone 3: All countries not included in Zones 1 or 2


Deadlines are midnight Central Europe Time Zone
Closing date for the submission of applications: Mon February 25, 2019

Notification of early decisions: Fri March 22, 2019.
Notification of final decisions: Mon April 01, 2019.

For any other queries or comments please contact Prof. Elena Vázquez Cendón (, head of the Travel Committee within the Organizing Committee of ICIAM 2019 and ICIAM 2019-Valencia P2B program.


Banco Santander ICIAM2019-Valencia Scholarship Program: This program, sponsored by Banco Santander, funds 25, 50 and 75 scholarships for Zones 1, 2 and 3, respectively.
This program is sponsored by Banco Santander.
santander logo

ICIAM2019-Valencia P2B Program: This program is sponsored by several Spanish centers, institutes and departments of mathematics and is coordinated by the Spanish Society for Applied Mathematics (SEMA). It provides funds for 80 scholarships for Zone 1. Information on this program can be seen here.

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ICIAM Financial Aid for Participants from Developing Countries: It funds 5 and 7 scholarships for Zones 2 and 3, respectively, exclusively for Developing Countries. The list of the Developing Countries may be found in page 142 of the World Economic Situation and Prospects 2018 report of the United Nations.
This Program is sponsored by The International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics


To apply for a grant, the applicant should submit the following information:
  • Personal data (full name, nationality and email address) and professional data (work center, department, company/institution, address, city and country)
  • A brief description (max. 200 words) of the applicant's scientific and technological interests, as well as goals and expectations in attending ICIAM 2019. Here, the applicant should also declare the impossibility of getting other sources of funding.
  • A short curriculum vitae (max. 400 words) including present status, qualifications obtained and relevant activities carried out in the context of industrial and applied mathematics.
  • Two recommendation letters from specialists in Industrial and Applied Mathematics (pdf format) including their full professional and contact data. The files must be named as SurnameName_RL1.pdf and SurnameName_RL2.pdf.
  • For Master and PhD students: an official certificate or document (pdf format) provided by the school to proof current enrollment. The files must be named as SurnameName_OC.pdf.
  • Contact data of the head of the Department/Faculty of the applicant’s institution.

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