• The information of each talk is encoded as a 9/10-character string, AB-CD-e-f-xx-y, meaning that the talk of TYPE “AB” will be given in BUILDING “CD”, at FLOOR “e”, at ROOM “f”, on DATE & TIME “xx”, and in the PRESENTATION ORDER “y”.
    The symbols are explained as follows:
    Code: Type / Building / Floor / Room No. / Date & Time / Presentation order
    • SL = Special Lectures
    • IL = Invited Lectures
    • MS = Minisymposia
    • IM = Industrial Minisymposia
    • CP = Contributed Papers
    • P = Posters (PA: session on Monday-Tuesday; PB session on Wednesday; PC session on Thursday-Friday)

    • A1 = Aulari I
    • A3 = Aulari III
    • A6 = Aulari VI
    • MA =  (air-conditioned) Marquee
    • ME = Facultat de Medicina i Odontologia
    • PS = Facultat de Psicologia
    • FT = Facultat de Filologia, Traducció i Comunicació
    • FE = Facultat de Filosofía y Ciències de l'Educació
    • GH = Facultat de Geografia i Història

    • S = Basement Level
    • 0 = Ground Floor
    • 1 = First Floor
    • 2 = Second Floor
    • 3 = Third Floor
    • 4 = Fourth Floor

    DATE & TIME:
    • 1 = Monday 17:00h-19:00h
    • 2 = Tuesday 11:00h-13:00h
    • 3 = Tuesday 14:30h-16:30h
    • 4 = Tuesday 17:00-19:00
    • 5 = Wednesday 11:00-13:00
    • 6 = Wednesday 14:30h-16:30h
    • 7 = Wednesday 17:00h-19:00h
    • 8 = Thursday 14:30h-16:30h
    • 9 = Friday 11:00h-13:00h
    • 10 = Friday 14:30h-16:30h
    MS-GH-1-1-2-3: Minisymposium, GH-Building, 1st floor, Room 1, Tuesday 11:00h-13:00h, Presentation order No. 3
    CP-A3-S-C2-9-1: Contributed Paper, A3-Building, Basement, Room C2, Friday 11:00h-13:00h, Presentation order No. 1
    • Speaker presentations will be managed through a secure server.
      You are kindly requested to upload your presentation(s) to the server between 24 and 3 hours prior to the beginning of your scheduled presentation at the Speakers’ Room, located in the FE Building – SALA DE CRISTAL (on the main floor).
      Please respect this time schedule to avoid unnecessary  queues.

      If the presentation includes audio (sound or voice), animation or short movie file(s), speakers are advised to save each file separately and provide it to the technical staff for testing, together with your presentation file. Presentations can be tested at the Speakers’s Room. Once uploaded, your presentation will be transferred into a laptop at the assigned lecture room, and it will be ready for display by your own click there.
    • The allowed presentation formats are pdf, ppt and pptx (please use 4:3 Projection in case of ppt, pptx format presentations). 
      A maximum of 50Mb per file is strongly recommended, to ensure a suitable transmission to the assigned laptop.
    • If you are unable to comply with the requirements above, you should still go to the Speakers’ Room in the specified time window, and inform the technicians about the special requirements of your presentation. Please note that only under very special circumstances personal laptops will be allowed in the designated rooms, as changing  laptops is a potential source of technical problems. Please be aware that connection cables or adaptors for personal laptops are not supplied by the organization, as they may vary for each model.
    • The Speakers Room will be open during the following hours, with seasoned technicians available to help you:
      Monday 15th: from 13:00 to 19:00 hrs.
      Tuesday 16th: from 08:00 to 19:00 hrs.
      Wednesday 17th: from 08:00 to 19:00 hrs.
      Thursday 18th: from 08:00 to 19:00 hrs.
      Friday 19th: from 08:00 to 14:00 hrs.
    • All rooms will be set up in theatre style, with capacities ranging from 25 to 500 seats, and equipped with projector, screen, PC computer and a laser pointer.

      There is wireless internet access in the session rooms. However, there is no live streaming or SKYPE access permitted during presentations, as we cannot guarantee the quality of connectivity.
    • Make sure you arrive at least ten minutes before your session and familiarize yourself with the room assigned. Please check the Conference App or stop at the Announcements Board at the registration desk for any news or last minute instructions.
    • ICIAM 2019 has a very  high number of presentationsPlease be aware that we might not be able to ensure that a presentation will be  correctly displayed in in the assigned time-slot if it does not go through the secure presentation system, or if we do not know in advance that the speaker has special requirements.
    Thank you very much for your participation in this conference!


    Presenting authors are expected to be in front of their posters during the poster session time. Please, check the final scientific program to identify the day of your poster presentation.


    The recommended size of the posters is: 90 cm (wide) X 110 cm (high).

    The presentation number assigned to your poster should not be placed on your poster. The poster boards will be numbered for you.


    Poster presenting authors are responsible for setting-up and taking down their poster. Selfadhesive pads for posting will be offered by the organizer. In case that you have printed your poster using the “online poster print service”, you will be able to collect you poster in the registration area.

    Setting-up and taking down of posters will take place as follows:

    Poster area: 
    FE building
    Poster Code:
    poster must be fixed to the board corresponding to the Poster Code sent via email to authors. The posters should be fixed on the corresponding board on (depending on the session):

    • PA: Monday 15th from 13:00h to 16:00h, and they must be removed on Tuesday 16th from 17:30h to 18:30h.
    • PB : Wednesday 17th from 8:00h to 10:00h., and they must be removed the same day  from  17:30 h to 18:30h.
    • PC: Thursday 18th from 8:00h to 10:00h., and they must be removed on Friday 19th from 16:30h to 17:30h.

    The double-sided tape to set up the posters will be provided by the organization.
    The organization encourages to the authors that they take down their posters at the end of the congress. Unclaimed posters will be disposed.

    Presenting authors are expected to be in front of their posters during the coffee breaks

    • PA : Monday & Tuesday
    • PB : Wednesday
    • PC : Thursday and Friday

    Posters which haven’t been removed before the due time shall be detached and dumped after the corresponding session. Unclaimed posters are not the responsibility of the conference organizers and will be discarded.

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